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Fileminx can convert between the following document formats:

doc_6 icon MS WinWord 6 Document (.DOC)
Older version of the standard Microsoft Word DOC format.
doc_97 icon MS Word (97-2003) Document (.DOC)
The standard file format used by Microsoft Word (until the 2007 version). Extremely popular and can be opened by the majority of modern word processors.
docx icon MS Word (2007) Document (.DOCX)
Standard file format for Microsoft Word 2007-2010.
lwp icon Lotus Word Pro Document (.LWP)
Word processor file format produced by IBM Lotus Word Pro software.
odt icon OpenOffice Document (.ODT)
Document file produced by the OpenOffice Writer application.
pdf icon Adobe Portable Document File (.PDF)
Very popular and widely used format where content is stored in manner designed for consistent printing or viewing across different platforms. Due to this characteristic, PDFs are for the most part read-only for the recipient.
rtf icon Rich Text Format (.RTF)
Common basically formatted file which can be imported / exported by the majority of word processing applications.
txt icon Text File (.TXT)
Simple file format containing plain text with very little formatting information. Universally openable.
txt_mw icon MediaWiki Format (.TXT)
Text file encoded for use in Wiki websites.
wps icon MS Works Document (.WPS)
Format produced by the Microsoft Works word processing application.

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