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Fileminx can convert between the following image formats:

bmp icon Bitmap (.BMP)
A simple format used commonly on Windows and other operating systems. BMP files are stored without compression so they can be very large in size.
gif icon Graphics Interchange Format (.GIF)
Designed for internet use in the 80's, GIFs are still widely used on the web. Images are restricted to just 256 colours so are not very suitable for photographs.
ico icon Windows Icon (.ICO)
The file format used to store icons on Microsoft Windows.
jpg icon JPEG Image (.JPG)
Generally used for photographic images and is the most common format used by digital cameras. Images are compressed in a lossy manner, but typically achieving 10:1 reduction in size without perceptible quality loss.
pcx icon ZSoft PC Paintbrush (.PCX)
Lossless compression format popular on DOS systems a number of years ago. Now largely surpassed by GIF, JPEG and PNG.
pict icon Apple Macintosh QuickDraw (.PICT)
Standard Apple Mac vector and bitmat format - created by the QuickDraw application.
png icon Portable Network Graphics (.PNG)
Intended for use on the internet as a GIF replacement, PNG can support a full colour palette, lossless compression and transparent areas.
psd icon Adobe Photoshop Image (.PSD)
The default image type created by the Abode Photoshop application.
sun icon Sun Raster Graphic (.SUN)
Image format generated by Sun Microsystems workstations - the native bitmap image on the Sun Unix platform.
tga icon Truevision Targa Image (.TGA)
A bitmap file image type with usual resolutions matching TV output formats. Still in reasonably widespread use due to ease of implementation.
tif icon Tagged Image File Format (.TIF)
Originally designed as a format for scanned images, TIF features full colour, lossless compression and is still often used in publishing.
wmf icon Windows Metafile (.WMF)
Classically used for Windows clipart, WMF can contain both bitmap and vector images.

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