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Fileminx can convert between the following audio formats:

aac icon Advanced Audio Coding (.AAC)
Designed to be the successor of the MP3 format, AAC generally achieves better sound quality than MP3 at the same bit rate. Compatible with Apple portable devices but Windows requires additional software to play.
aif icon Audio Interchange File Format (.AIF)
High quality, non-compressed and lossless format developed by Apple. File sizes are much larger than compressed formats like MP3. Standard on Apple Macs.
au icon Sun Microsystems Audio (.AU)
The standard sound file type on Unix operating systems.
flac icon Free Lossless Audio Codec (.FLAC)
Open source format that does not lose audio quality during compression.
m4a icon iTunes Unprotected Music (.M4A)
Music files from iTunes which do not have copy protection (DRM). Playable on Apple portable devices such as iPods.
m4r icon iPhone Ringtone Format (.M4R)
Apple iPhone ringtone audio track. Restricted to a maximum of 30 seconds, so please note that fileminx will automatically chop off anything over this duration.
mka icon Matroska Audio (.MKA)
Flexible open-standard audio container format. Designed with editability in mind. Plug-in playback support for various media players available. Gaining in popularity.
mp2 icon MPEG-1 Audio Layer 2 (.MP2)
Precursor to MP3. Still popular in professional audio broadcasting.
mp3 icon MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 (.MP3)
Extremely popular audio format which can be played on many computer systems and in particular, portable music players. MP3 does have some technical limitations in terms of audio quality, which have been surpassed by more modern formats such as AAC - however, it's widespread compatibility result in its ongoing use.
ogg icon Ogg Vorbis Audio Format (.OGG)
A free and open source lossy audio format intended to serve as a replacement for MP3.
ra icon RealAudio (.RA)
RealNetworks audio format typically used for streaming over the internet. Not as popular as it once was.
snd icon Unix Audio (.SND)
A standard sound file type on Unix operating systems.
voc icon Creative Voice File (.VOC)
Legacy audio file created by Creative Labs for Soundblaster cards. Not really used in recent times but may be useful for use in older software.
wav icon Waveform Audio Format (.WAV)
Uncompressed audio format commonly used for short sound effects and is compatible with Windows and Apple Mac operating systems. Although the quality is "pure", it is not recommended for music tracks as the resulting file size can be very large.
wma icon Windows Media Audio (.WMA)
Microsoft-developed music file type which is claimed to be of higher quality than MP3 at smaller file sizes although this is somewhat controversial as tests have not always proved this to be the case. Plays on Windows Media Player, but on other operating systems a plugin or application will need to be installed.

Music files from iTunes in the M4P format (these files contain copy protection or DRM) unfortunately cannot be converted to other formats and therefore are not supported by fileminx. iTunes has recently started offering files without copy protection (these have the M4A extension) which fileminx will happily convert into any other supported audio file type - thereby allowing you to play iTunes music on many other devices apart from your iPod.

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