free and easy real-time file conversion
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We live in a world with thousands of different gadgets, devices, computer systems and applications.

The problem is that they sometimes don't like talking to each other - your mobile phone doesn't understand a particular music file that you transferred over from your PC, your shiny new video camera produces video files that are unitelligible to your friend's Mac or you can't open that new Word 2007 document attached to an email because you're still on Word 2003...

fileminx exists to make these essential bits of technology a bit more sociable.

Essentially, it will take a file you are having problems with, convert it to the format of your choice and then directly deliver it back to you ready to be used as intended. All absolutely free of charge.

It works like this:

Go to and choose the file on your machine that you need to convert.

The available file formats that you can convert the file to will appear. Select the one you want.

fileminx will upload, convert and pass the file back to your browser ready to download.

That's it! Job done!

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