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fileminx can convert between the following common video formats:

3g2 icon 3G Mobile Video - Version 2 (.3G2)
Essentially an updated version of the 3GP video format. Designed for the more recent mobile phones.
3gp icon 3G Mobile Video (.3GP)
Simplified version of the MP4 video format, designed to decrease storage and bandwidth requirements in order to accommodate mobile phones. 3GP is designed for older "GSM" phones (the 3G2 format is used in newer phones). Playback on a computer requires a third party app.
asf icon Advanced Systems Format (.ASF)
Microsoft audio/digital video container format, especially meant for streaming media. For all intents and purposes, the same as WMV.
avi icon Audio Video Interleave (.AVI)
Standard video format created by Microsoft. Supported by a range of operating systems and devices although particularly common on PCs with Microsoft Windows. The format lacks pixel aspect information so the picture can sometimes appear stretched on playback. Will happily play on Windows Media Player.
divx icon DivX Media Format (.DIVX)
Format created by DivX Inc which compresses video into relatively small sizes while maintaining a decent visual quality. Recently popular but requires third party app or plugin for playback.
flv icon Flash Streaming Video (.FLV)
The file format used to deliver video over the Internet using the Adobe Flash Player browser plug-in. Usage has become very widespread from its use on streaming video websites such as YouTube or BBC iPlayer. Note that standalone FLV files require a third-party player for playback.
gif_ani icon GIF Animation (.GIF)
An animated image format used for embedding into web pages but does not have audio. Due to the very large size of converted files, duration is limited to the first 10 seconds of the video.
mkv icon Matroska Video (.MKV)
Flexible open-standard video container format. Plug-in playback support available on multiple operating systems. Gaining in popularity.
mov icon QuickTime Movie (.MOV)
Multimedia format created by Apple and is natively supported by Mac OS X. In order to play on Microsoft Windows, the Apple QuickTime player needs to be installed.
mp4 icon MP4 Video (.MP4)
Modern video standard introduced by MPEG in 1998 and based upon Apple's QuickTime Movie format (MOV). Will not play in Windows without a Media Player plug-in or third party application.
mp4_ipod icon iPod Video (.MP4)
Video formatted specifically for use on Apple iPod players.
mp4_psp icon Sony PSP Video (.MP4)
Video formatted specifically for use on the Sony PSP.
mpg icon MPEG Video (.MPG)
Common video format standardised by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG). Often used for creating downloadable movies and playable on practically all modern operating systems with any media player worth its salt.
rm icon RealMedia (.RM)
Video format created by RealNetworks. It is typically used in conjunction with their RealPlayer software for streaming content from the internet. Used to be popular a few years ago, less so now.
vob icon DVD Format (.VOB)
The file format used to store video on DVDs. If your computer has a DVD player application then it should play VOB files.
wmv icon Windows Media Video (.WMV)
Developed by Microsoft, this video format was originally designed for internet streaming although today it is often found in standalone files. Used primarily on Microsoft Windows and Microsoft portable devices (such as Zune). Other systems require a third party app to play WMV files.
xvid icon Xvid Video (.XVID)
Open source format set up as a direct rival to DivX. Compresses video to a high degree but needs an Xvid player or plugin to play.

Please note that video files created with copyright protection (so called DRM or Digital Rights Management) such as those from purchased DVDs cannot be converted using fileminx due to legal and technical restrictions.
Video conversion can take a bit longer than other types of file conversion due to the higher degree of number crunching required.

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